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The most proven method for treatment of any kind of addiction is conducted within the context of a group environment. Although the prospect of joining a group terrifies most people initially, it often proves to be the single most significant step towards life-long recovery. You can find out more about what previous course members have said on our testimonials page. The reason that the group environment is so important is that it breaks through the feelings of shame and isolation that so often continue the cycle of addiction. It also provides support and accountability and an opportunity to rebuild self esteem and close friendships that have so often been wrecked by addiction.

The Hall Recovery Course is not group therapy where you will be expected to share personal feelings that are uncomfortable for you. It is a pragmatic, down to earth psycho-educational course that has been developed specifically for the treatment of sex addiction and sexually compulsive behaviors. The course is unique in providing practical skills for recovery as well as creating an environment where deeper psychological and emotional needs can begin to be explored.

The course is limited to a maximum of 10 people and meets once a week for between 1.5 and 2 hours and includes one non residential weekend.

The course is broken into 4 modules

Module 1 Understanding Sexual Addiction

You can’t overcome a problem until you understand it. This module explains exactly what sex addiction is and how it gets set up.  Starting with information and theories on addiction and most importantly, sexual addiction and also a whirlwind explanation of the latest thinking and neuropsychology. Childhood influences and adolescent development are explored as well as the current sexualized society within the UK that can trigger addiction. As well as formal teaching there are homework assignments which focus on deepening awareness and understanding of personal experiences.

Module 2 Identifying and Overcoming Blocks to Recovery

Every addict gets trapped on their own unique cycle of addiction and in this module you learn how to recognise your cycle and break it. Many people with sex addiction feel unable to comprehend their behaviour but once they’re able to identify the common pattern that they go through each time that they act out, then they can begin to regain a sense of personal control. Course members also learn to recognise the unconscious mental messages that enable the cycle to continue.

Module 3 Establishing Strategies for Long Term Relapse Prevention

Many sex addicts manage to stop but they can’t stay stopped. This is a practical module that provides techniques for dealing with both predictable triggers and the unexpected situations that trigger vulnerability. The group environment provides an excellent forum for sharing and strengthening strategies and you will learn how to healthily manage temptation.

Module 4 Restoring Relationship and Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

It has been said that overcoming addiction isn’t about learning to manage the addiction, but learning how to manage your life. Overcoming addiction almost always  requires a change in lifestyle and therefore the course concludes with input on nurturing healthy relationships, rebuilding positive self esteem, establishing healthy coping mechanisms and creating a balanced life.

Unlike individual therapy, the Hall Recovery course provides a network of support that can continue long after the addiction is broken to ensure long term relapse prevention. It is not an alternative to individual or couple therapy and ideally should be attended concurrently. If it’s not possible to attend more than one type of therapy at a time, it is highly recommended that the Recovery Course is completed as early as possible to give a thorough grounding for further work and kick-start the recovery process.

The Recovery Course is also not intended to replace attendance at a 12 step or other self support meeting which can be an excellent resource for long term relapse prevention.

Intensive Residential Course

The Hall Recovery Course is available as an intensive residential programme which may be particularly beneficial for people who are time-pressured or live within the public eye.  

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Group work can feel very daunting but it is such a worthwhile experience, everyone you meet and get to work with is in the same position and feels exactly the same to begin with. The exercises and work done in groups is not the only benefit, I have made many good friends and a network of support even after the group course has finished.

See more testimonials.


The Hall Recovery Course – for partners

The Hall Recovery Course for partners has been designed to complement the treatment program for addicts to provide partners with a comprehensive understanding of sex addiction and the recovery process.  The goal of the course is not necessarily to ‘save’ the relationship, but to provide partners space to explore their individual situation and needs within a supportive community.

Partners of sex addicts often feel desperately alone and isolated in their grief and pain. They fear the judgment of others both on themselves and on their partner and often feel racked with self doubt and fear.  Sharing the journey with other partners not only reduces the isolation and feelings of insecurity, but also provides a long-term support network for partners who leave as well as those who choose to stay.

The program runs for 10 x 2 hour sessions and one away day and the key objectives are:

  • To provide a sense of safety and stability after the trauma of disclosure of sex addiction.
  • To provide a sense of control over emotional reactions.
  • To empower to make informed choices based on knowledge and truth
  • To provide a support network

Currently there are two programmes in the UK, one in Banbury and one in Tamworth. The course is also available as a three-day intensive residential in Warwickshire.

For more information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact form below.

Recovery Course statistics

100% of Recovery Course participants would recommend the course.

On completion, 79% felt the course had completely helped them
control their sexual addiction and 21% said it had mostly.

86% said the course had completely met their expectations and 14% said mostly.

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My life was totally out of control and rotten. I have lurched from one failed attempt to give up abusive and damaging sexual behaviour to another. For the first time in my life, I feel armed with a certainty that I have an addiction that needs to be and can be cured. For the first time I can understand the genesis of my behaviours and how they went from comfort to addiction. I now know practical guidelines within which I can restore myself to mental, emotional, moral and sexual health. I believe that I will come to recognise this week as the most important in my adult life because I finally feel armed to stay clean, sober, safe and honest. Thank you.


I started the course full of trepidation and feeling alone with my problems. I leave the course full of hope and with a network of support from my fellow recovering addicts. Thank you for giving my life meaning again.


Very helpful and very hopeful.


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